1995 Caprice Twilight Sentinel Install


Parts needed:


Twilight Sentinel Control module and harness.

Headlight switch assembly that has twilight sentinel

Pigtail and connector for the sentinel switch

Then you will need three female contacts to plug into body side connector at the sentinel harness and one female contact that will plug into the headlight switch.

3 of orange, purple, light green 18 ga. wire

Snap in the orange wire into the headlight connector  

030406_1117a.jpg (314860 bytes)

Black wire from the sentinel switch is spliced into the black wire from the headlight switch (illumination bulb ground)

 030406_1045c.jpg (283056 bytes)

Way back under the right side of the steering column you can find the two connectors that the sentinel wiring harness plugs into, one black c202 and one white c203

030406_1045b.jpg (399166 bytes)


030406_1051a.jpg (329454 bytes)

Install the two wires from the Twilight Sentinel switch and the one from the headlight switch into the IP harness white connector matching the colors on the twilight sentinel wiring harness connector.

030406_1050a.jpg (288614 bytes)

022506_1237a.jpg (290058 bytes)


The only Gotcha on the wiring is if you use a Buick Twilight Sentinel harness you will need to swap pin positions so the large green/white wire matches up between the connectors, if you don't check this it will not work at all and you will have to trouble shoot just like I did.

030406_1258a.jpg (797579 bytes)


Same issue as on my 91, no provision for Climate control that is a future mod.

030406_1418a.jpg (232532 bytes)

Doner defroster grille from a Roadmaster that I salvaged the pocket from. Cut the plastic buttons and pull the pocket loose. 

030406_1419a.jpg (258962 bytes)


030406_1419b.jpg (216602 bytes)

Grind away part of the plastic ring  on the Caprice grille so the pocket will fit flush then match drill a 1/2" hole so the climate control sensor will fit thru the opening then bond the pocket to the grille. I used a fast set epoxy and tossed it in the oven of a 1/2 hour. I went ahead and installed the sunload sensor in the grille and then pushed the sentinel sensor up thru the dash and attach it to the grille and snap the grille back in place. Once you got your hand out of the way then slip the control module around the backside of the metal dash bracket and position it between the bracket and the black plastic part of the dash, you will see the space. I used a 1" square piece of velcro to stick it to the side of the plastic. Now its secure plus it won't rattle.  


030406_1420a.jpg (251328 bytes)

At this point check operation of the sentinels and all should work as factory. Put everything back together and wipe off the fingerprints and put away the tools cause you are done


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030406_1555b.jpg (184754 bytes)

Schematic Diagram