Caprice Wagon Cabin Filter

Got tired of all the dust and allergens floating thru the car and suffering allergy season ever year.

Picked up a 3 stick of 12ga. 1 steel strap and its enough to build the complete assembly.

Used a Fram CA3559 air filter

I.D. of filter bracket is 7 x 5 which sets inside the steps of the filter

Rubber/Plastic stoppers I used are replacement tips for door stops I got at Lowe's.

Bolt is 2 for the tension


Remove right side cowl


Remove vent cover


You can see all the dust that has already piled up over the years


Fram filter CA3559


Bent filter bracket


Test fit around filter


Bent tension bracket

Welded two 1/4" pins on the tension bracket and drilled matching holes in the filter bracket then on top welded a nut for the tension bolt

Filter bracket, tension bracket and tension bolt before painting.


Test fit


Tension bolt tighten up against firewall


Ground down welds and painted then dropped back into place


Push on tension bracket to clear opening


Once you have set the tension bolt then all you have to do to remove it is to pull the tension bracket to one side and lift out the assembly to change the filter.


Built another one for my 91 Wagon