Commercial Links For The 94-96....Impala


 Links to Vendors of Impala Products and other related (usually) things

 Dal Slabaugh and here's his personal page
AA Technologies
ACPT for carbon fiber driveshafts
Advanced Composites for a carbon fiber hood
AFR heads
Maybe you'll find a nice used Impala through ADP AutoConnect
The titles of all TSB's can be found at Alldata TSB Page. Full text (with pictures) for the important ones relating to our cars can be found courtesy of David Wambolt
All Things Automotive
Arizona Speed and Marine has what you need
The Auto Channel
Auto Internet Shopping
Autoshop Online
Auto Trans Group
Autotrim if you want REAL wood on your dash
B&B Electric for OBD II software
  B&M Racing and Performance Products
Bell Tech has lowering spindles for the SS
Bowling Green Customs
The Brassman Group sells replacement headlight assemblies for the Caprice line
T Bryne Motorsports has a large selection of throttlebody plates, plus some good prices on other things
California DMV's searchable database of personalized plates
Callaway Performance Company
Carcomp has OBD II software
Carroll Superchargers
Car Stuff "The Web's Most Complete Source of Automotive Links" Even most chapters of NAISSO!
Caswell Plating for Collinite waxes, polishing supplies, and miniature plating equipment
Catz driving and fog lights
CEC Wheel Machine
Century Performance Center
Clifford Microwave Alarms to keep the riff-raff away from your ride
CNC Heads
Comfort Zone Limo Services for a ride is the ultimate limo, a stretched Impala
Corbeau USA LLC for replacement seats with a lot more support
Crest Motorsports for everything drag racing
CSK Publishing Publisher of Chevy High Performance While you're there, check out their Links page
Dashhugger to cover that shiny dash pad
Dealer's Choice car care tips
Dillon Chemical has lots of useful cleaners
For a daily news fix try DragNet or The Drag Racing List
The Drive Train Page, a professional tranny guy's take on the state of the drivetrain world
If your ride's too noisy, stick in some Dynamat
EASE Simulation scan tools
Eastwood carries a good selection of tools and restoration products
Can't find the perfect spring for the ride height you want? Eaton Detroit Springs can make custom ones for you
Edelbrock manifolds and more
Eibach for an improved (and lower) ride
Soon you'll be able to get rid of your OptiCrap entirely with a system from Electromotive
Engine Dress Shop
Evergreen Performance has stuff for your SS
Extrude Hone can open up your passages
Factory Auto Manuals
Fastchip to reprogram your PCM
Fast Track Performance for a DFI system
Either Fikse or Forgeline has a wheel for you to change the look of your SS
Forrest Electronics has been the radio outfitter for SoCalSS and DOOM
Fuelsafe is a great source for fuel cells
Want wig wags? Go to Gall's for these and lots of other neat stuff
Gates for rubber stuff, check out the cool new clamps
Global West has a set of rear trailing arms best for handling; also better bushings for the rest of the suspension
GM Bad Paint FAQ
GoRacing has lots of stuff and good information
Griot's Garage  
Grotyohann Motorsports (say Grote-yo-han) has full length headers for the SS. With or without cats
GT Rotors  
GT Styling
You can use a G-Tech meter to tune your car
Harbor Freight has an on-line catalog for all kinds of tools
High Performance Coatings for just about anything that gets exposed to high heat
HO Enterprises is producing a set of realy big swaybars for us
Will the next Impala SS come from Holden?

GM calibration  check out the GM Vehicle Calibration Info
Inland Empire Driveline has good technical info on the different types of driveshafts
Internet Race Pages
Internet Racer's Supply You can spend at least a hour wandering around in here...
Jacobs Electronics
JC Whitney
Jet Hot Coatings
K & N Filters to flow more clean air than stock
How much is your baby worth? Look it up in the Kelley Blue Book
Level 10 transmissions for a bulletproof 4L60E
L G Motorsports "Where money buys speed."
Lingenfelter Need I say more?
Lunati rotating assembly parts
If the Impala maillist isn't enough for you, there are 85,000 to chose from here
Mad Enterprises for battery relocation
MBA Products
Material Specialties Scandinavia makes titanium tools. They're also available from The Edge Company
Three choices for a lift of your own: Mega-Lift, Cytech, and Backyard Buddy
Mid America Designs mainly Corvettes, but lots of good accessories
Absolutely the best polishes and waxes come from Meguiars
Then again, some say they come from Mother's
METCO Motorsports has the nicest driveshaft loop I've seen, and other nice things too
Midwest Diversified sells Impala SS Sex Appeal (ain't we got enough?)
Mobil 1 lubricants
LT1 Brute Force is the motto at Modern Muscle Car
Motorsport Technologies Inc in Houston
Motorvac claims to clean your entire engine internals - you decide
Muth Mirror Systems is working on a set of signal mirrors for the 95/96s
NGK has a page dedicated to the LT1
NR Automobile Accessoriese
National Hot Rod Association (NHRA)

  International Hot Rod Association (IHRA)
Get a ticket lately? Visit the National Motorists Association Home Page for assistance in beating it.
Nutz and Boltz
OG Racing for safety equipment
One Cryo will cryo temper things like brake rotors for you for amazing wear properties. Or there's Cryo 1
Optima Batteries
Info on our "beloved" OptiSpark units from someone on the F-body list
One Grand waxes
Painless Wiring has lots of innovative wiring products to make your modding simpler
Paragon Performance is working on a braided stainless steel/teflon brake hose kit for us
Performance Suspension Technologies for urethane and Polygraphite bushings and ball joints
POR-15 paint for those rusty factory underbodies
Pro-Max superchargers
Hella referred us to PUMA when looking for their relays
Racer Mall
Racer Wholesale
Radar Guys for detectors and more
  Ram Air Specialists 

Random Technologies (on  
Red Line Oil  
Rinda Technologies for Diacom software to analyze your car's electronics (unless you have a 96)
RK Sport
Swain Tech Coatings high temperature coatings from a company well known in the racing world
In the oil wars, don't forget Royal Purple
Who says Impalas only go quick in a straight line? Visit the SCCA and take up autocrossing. Visit the Northwest Region too
SEMA has valuable info for you if you are under warranty and have modified your car
For a great weekend in Nevada, go compete in SSCC Silver State Classic Challenge. The full set of official rules
Simpson Race Products for your safety needs
Get Street Legal Performance from SLP
SmarTire tire pressure monitoring systems
Speedbleeders make it easy to bleed your brakes alone
Speed Mall
Stage 8 Fasteners are guaranteed to never loosen
Standard Abrasives has an on-line DIY porting tutorial
Stella Tech has several body kits for the B-Body
Stillen makes a nice spoiler for the SS
Order a catalog from Summit Racing
Suncoast Creations has a ram air hood
Super Chevy Shows
Superchips, another choice to reprogram your PCM
SVI superchargers
Tech Line dry film lubricants
Try TireRack They also sponsor the SCCA Solo 2 National Tour and Championship
Trick Flow
Vortech superchargers
Whipple Charger superchargers
Triple A Enterprises to get a window sticker for your car
The Ultimate Garage
Example high end stereo installations USAMPS and Rockford Fosgate
If you don't have a SunGuard windshield, check out Valentine 1 radar detectors
Lots of vendors here
Vericom makes a performance computer like the G-Tech
Waytek Wire
Web of Wheels is an on-line car show
Webasto has a national sunroof group purchase for Impalas and 9C1s
Who Won list the location, schedule and altitude of almost every dragstrip in the country
Trunk side panels from Scott Williams or sequential taillights from Scott Williams and Chris Lewis both courtesy of HOTSS
Zaino Brothers detailing products