Dome Light Dimmer Circuit for 91-93 Caprice


Parts List:
   R1 = 27K
   R2 = 27K
   C1 = 100F, 25V
   D1 = 1N4148 or any diode would work i.e. 1n4004
   Q1,Q2 = 2N2222 or equiv.
   Q3 = TIP31 or equiv.
   Heatsink for Q3
   1 ft. black 18ga.
   1 ft. green 18 ga.

The purpose of this circuit is to keep the interior light(s) on for a few more seconds when the door is closed and then slowly fades within about 10 seconds. Just like the 94-96 Caprice and Impala's

Hooking up the circuit:  

The positive (+) green wire goes to 12V side which is switched by the door switch. The other wire (-) black just goes to a ground or chassis.


dome.jpg (183823 bytes)


Used a Drimmel to carve out the traces on the circuit board following the layout I did on the computer then soldered in all the components. Circuit is simple enough you could even breadboard it. 

022806_1134a.jpg (234558 bytes)

Top View

030206_0937a.jpg (315686 bytes)

Bottom View

030206_0938a.jpg (281270 bytes)

Mounted it in a cheap plastic box from Radio Shack

030206_0956a.jpg (294902 bytes)

Finished it with a label

030206_2203a.jpg (170910 bytes)

Removed the undercover on the right side of my wagon and took loose the foot well lamp assembly. Connected the green wire from the box to the white wire of the lamp. Connected the black wire from the box to a ground screw under the dash by the side cover. Tie wrap the box in place behind the kick panel so not to rattle. Done and works like a charm...