D.I.Y Door Poppers on my Wagons.




Started out getting several Caprice/Impala starter solenoids from U-Pull-It lot. Don't buy the whole starter as here they charge $15 plus a core charge. Just remove the solenoid and they only charge $4.00 for it



022708_1840a.jpg (192668 bytes)

Next step was to cut off the stud that went to the starter, not needed anymore

022708_1840b.jpg (170280 bytes)

Made a ground wire that will run to the bracket. The wire from the controller will connect to the small stud 

022708_1841a.jpg (165948 bytes)

Kind of a universal bracket that holds the solenoid

022708_1842a.jpg (184956 bytes)

Used 1/4 aluminum square stock to make the adapterA>< that holds the cable to the door handle rod

022708_1844a.jpg (133412 bytes)

View from the end where the stainless wire will go in and the set screw that clamps the wire down

022708_1845a.jpg (128250 bytes)

I made this adapter to go over the starter solenoid plunger. I silver soldered a brass ball to the stainless wire and inserted it from the back side. Also have a set screw holding the wire. Drilled out the adapter to fit over the plunger and have three screws that lock it down.

022708_1845b.jpg (147056 bytes)

Business end of the assembly

022708_1846a.jpg (153550 bytes)


Four channel controller that I got from http://www.electronickits.com/kit/complete/elec/ck1616.htm


031908_1927a.jpg (161816 bytes)

The remote control doesn't have the current handling so added higher current relays to power the solenoids. Mounted this under the passenger side seat and pulled the wires under the carpet to each of the doors. One wire thru each of the rubber conduits to the inside of the doors

031908_1926a.jpg (184856 bytes)


Found there was already a hole in the doors I could use to mount the solenoid

LR door

020908_1210a.jpg (110588 bytes)


Clamp the adapter over the rod and pull the wire to take out the slack then tighten the set screw.

020908_1211a.jpg (109436 bytes)

I drilled a small hole in the rod plate so to keep a straight line for the wire between the solenoid and the adapter

LF door

020908_1416a.jpg (139534 bytes)

You can see the solenoid power wire that's connected to the controller

020908_1416b.jpg (135846 bytes)


The only thing I need to build now is some spring plungers to push open the doors