Cruise Control Module Disassemble


Article by ImpalaMan on NAISSO


All of the electronic controls are contained in the plastic shell.

I know the picture is blurry, but there is a spring on the rod that I'm removing, just remember which way the spring fits on and which way the tension is going.

There is a metal pin you need to slide to the thicker side of the gear in order to remove the nylon strap. I even made an arrow to show you where to look

Remove this black plate.

Be very careful removing these electronic components...

This one is a little heavier, but should come out as easy as the first component.


Hold the black "T" arm down as you pull the gear and rod so you don't lose the spring.

Again, make sure you don't lose the little spring.

When your removing the cable from the cast aluminum housing, there is gonna be some difficulty. There is an O-Ring to weather proof the connection. It will be a good idea to spray some WD-40 where the cable meets the housing on the outside of the box. The upper and lower lock snaps will need to be pressed in like your gonna take it out, jiggle the cable out of the box a little to keep the snap locks from locking the cable back into place. Once thats done, squeeze the snap locks on the inner part of the cable and slide that thing out.

To reassemble the box, reverse the steps shown in the pics. Just remember not to over tighten the little screws and adding a tad of thread lock will be a good thing.